Star Wars Cast Jumps to Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four

Photo: Variety

One saga ends as another begins! The leads of the Star Wars sequel trilogy are hopping from one Disney-owned mega franchise to another as Oscar Isaac, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Adam Driver have been cast as Marvel’s First Family in Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four reboot.

This comes from an insider called “DonutSoda” who DM’d us on Twitter with the following:

Source: Reddit

Yes, it is a link to a Reddit post on a subreddit known for shitposting and parody news; but DonutSoda assures us his speculation is 100% legit and true! Let’s break this down.

First things first, DonutSoda says Oscar Isaac will portray Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Daisy Ridley will appear as Sue Storm/Invisible Girl, John Boyega will portray her adopted brother Johnny Storm/the Human Torch, and Adam Driver will be Ben Grimm/the Thing. But that’s not all! More Star Wars sequel trilogy actors will be in the cast as well.

“My uncle who works at Marvel Studios told me that Kelly Marie Tran will appear as Alicia Masters (Ben Grimm’s blind girlfriend), Domnhall Gleeson will be the Silver Surfer, Richard E. Grant will be Doctor Doom, and last but not least, Mark Hamill will voice Galactus! The final cherry on top I’m sure you guys will love to hear is The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson will be writing and directing the film!”

–DonutSoda via Twitter DM

Pretty big news, huh? Some may even say it’s…FANTASTIC!! Let us know what you know what you think of these casting rumors in the comments below or on Twitter!

-Link Voximilian

Originally posted on FakingStarWars by Link Voximilain.


  1. I Think Harry Hadden-Paton as Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic & Kate Phillips
    as Susan Storm/The Invisible Woman In MCU Fantastic Four


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