Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Confirms Nude Scenes for Eagles, Treebeard, and More

Photos: New Line Cinema

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND–The internet exploded in controversy last week as it was announced that Amazon Prime’s long-expected Lord of the Rings series was putting out casting calls for nude roles. In a follow-up interview with Marvelous Movies, showrunners J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay confirmed that several non-humanoid characters would appear without clothing in the series, including the army of eagles, Shelob the giant spider, and the plant-like Treebeard.

“We’ll have female nudity in the form of Shelob, who has traditionally been portrayed without any clothes,” said Payne. “But the eagles are mostly male, and so is Treebeard. So you can definitely expect to see a lot of cocks and wood.”

“People act surprised, but the previous Middle-Earth films weren’t shy about tasteful nudity either,” McKay added. “Gollum wears next-to-nothing throughout the movies. The Balrog was completely naked too–and he was smokin’ hot!”

McKay also hinted that Frodo Baggins might have a nude scene in the show, but only while wearing the One Ring.

Upon hearing of the plans for a nude Treebeard, actor John Rhys-Davies immediately appeared on the film set and eagerly offered to reprise his roles as the giant Ent and as Gimli the dwarf. At publishing time, staff on set had politely declined.

In keeping with the theme of excessive and gratuitous nudity, Amazon has announced that the official series title as Lord of the Rings of Thrones. The series is expected to premiere in 2021.

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