Gollum to Direct Film about Schizophrenic Antihero Consumed by Item of Power

Photos: Columbia Pictures and Marvel Entertainment, New Line Cinema

Actor/filmmaker Andy Serkis, better known to a generation of fans as Gollum from the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies, will direct Sony’s upcoming sequel, Venom 2, sources have confirmed. Very familiar with having one’s mind consumed by a destructive item of great power, Gollum seemed like an apt choice to helm a movie on Venom, a Marvel comics antihero who bonds with a powerful alien symbiote.

“I really think I found a kindred spirit in Venom,” Serkis commented. “I mean, the lure to corrupting power…the split personality…the whole referring to ourselves as ‘we’ thing. Didn’t he even try to eat a live fish in his first movie? That’s totally Gollum’s thing, too.”

Serkis added, “Yesss, precioussss,” since he most certainly talks like that in real life. “And Venom even doesss that scary hisssssing on “s” soundsss, too. It’sss like we were made for each other, preciousss.”

When asked about filming with such dangerous creatures as Venom (Tom Hardy) and his nemesis Carnage (Woody Harrelson), Serkis stated that he wasn’t concerned. “If they get out of line, I’ll just use that sonic disruptor I had in Black Panther.” This was a reference to Serkis’s previous Marvel role as Ulysses Klaue, known in the comics as Klaw, Master of Sound. “Sound is literally the symbiotes’ main weakness! Their other weakness is fire, but you know, I’ve never really shied away from items of great power being thrown into volcanoes. Seriously, this director role was made for me!”

Serkis hopes to have government agent Everett Ross (Martin Freeman), as seen in previous Marvel films, return for this current project to engage in a riddle-telling contest with Venom. Venom 2: An Unexpected Journey will premiere in October 2021.

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