DC’s Best Idea in Years: Adapt a Rejected Marvel Storyline into “New Gods” Movie

Photo: DC Comics

BURBANK, CA – Warner Bros. Studios has recently confirmed that it is developing a film based upon Fourth World, a 1970 comic book series written by legendary comic book artist and writer Jack Kirby.

Kirby had originally pitched the idea to Marvel in the 1960s, which considered it to be second-rate and thus took a pass on it. If there is a Darkseid to the comic book industry, it is that great comic book writers sometimes stooped to freelancing for DC Comics. So, as soon as Mr. Kirby heard the words “second-rate,” he immediately approached the Dismal Company about his project, and they instantly fell in love with it.

Fourth World debuted to poor sales, which was far better than DC had been doing, so the characters and concepts introduced in Fourth World have become DC mainstays. Meanwhile, Mr. Kirby took his money and got away Scott Free to continue working on great comic books for Marvel.

“Box office returns for our movies have been so bad they have reached Apokoliptan proportions,” the Dismal Company admitted in a recent press release. “Goodness knows we could use a Miracle to revive the DC Extended Universe, so New Gods will represent a return to the formula that has garnered so many successes for us over the years: rip off ideas generated at Marvel.”

No release date has been announced as of yet, but as this movie is to represent a New Genesis for the future of the DCEU, we expect more announcements will be forthcoming.

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