Hailee Steinfeld Granted Exclusive Rights to Play All Love Interests of Miles Morales

Photos: Sony Pictures (left); Marvel Comics (right).

In a breaking announcement this week, Marvel and Sony Studios have jointly announced that actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld has signed a deal granting her the rights to play any and all love interests of Miles Morales, the newer Spider-Man of comics and animated films, in both Sony’s Spider-Man films and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Steinfeld first hinted at this deal in 2018, when she provided the voice of Spider-Gwen opposite Shameik Moore’s Miles Morales in the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Although Gwen and Miles were not officially romantically involved in the film, their romantic feelings have been hinted at in both comics and the film, and fans are hopeful for the future. This week, Steinfeld has also been identified as Marvel’s choice to play Kate Bishop, who dated Miles in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, in the upcoming Hawkeye series on DisneyPlus.

“It was actually my idea,” Steinfeld confirmed when interviewed by Marvelous Movies. “I’ve secretly been in love with Miles Morales since he first showed up in the comics in 2011. But, since he’s a fictional character, just playing his love interests was the closest I could get. It’s why I went into acting in the first place! I told them I would only voice Spider-Gwen if they let me play Kate Bishop, too. And also Barbara Rodriguez from the comics, if she ever appears in a movie. It may be a while, but it’s a lifelong contract!”

At publishing time, upon learning that Marvel grants exclusive love interest acting rights, thousands of fangirls on the internet were vying to play the love interests of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Chris Hemsworth’s Thor.

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