Marvelous Movies’ Foolproof Valentine’s Ideas to Impress Your Date

All photos: Marvel Studios

It’s that time again–Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! While some couples like to celebrate with a fancy dinner at an expensive restaurant or a romantic candlelight meal at home, you, a Marvel aficionado, are much more sophisticated and cultured than that. So how do you work in your pop culture fandom in subtle but romantic ways on Valentine’s Day? Here are a few of our Marvel-themed tips to help you impress your date with an unforgettable evening.

  1. Take your date dancing–old-fashioned ’40s style. Dress up all nice and classy. Say, “I’ve just been waiting for the right partner.”
  2. Make your partner a touching, personal homemade gift that includes the words, “Proof that [Their Name] Has a Heart.”
  3. Pull your partner in close, hold them gently, and whisper softly into their ear, “I love you three thousand.” Make sure you have a pack of tissues on hand.
  4. Go get fondue with your date. Make inappropriate jokes about what the word “fondue” really means.
  5. Take your date dancing. Even challenge them to a dance-off. Show them the ways of Kevin Bacon. Mesmerize them with your pelvic sorcery.
  6. Reveal your secret identity to your date. This move always impresses them completely and never has any unintended consequences whatsoever.
  7. Pull your partner in close, hold them gently, and whisper softly into their ear, “Hail Hydra.”
  8. Get all dressed up and spiffy, then bring your date to the Homecoming dance. But instead of dancing, leave right away, then go fight your date’s father and get him landed in prison. Leaving early will show that you’re not too desperate, and beating her father will help you assert dominance.
  9. Take your date to the scenic, sprawling cliffs of Vormir. Prove how much you love them by pushing them over the cliffs and watching their body crash to the ground. Claim the soul stone for yourself and use it to attain infinite power.
  10. Cuddle up with your date on the couch at home, make some popcorn, and enjoy a Marvel movie marathon together.

How will you spend this Valentine’s Day?

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