Sam Raimi Plans Black Costume, Jazz Dancing for Doctor Strange 2

Photos: Wikipedia, Columbia Pictures, Marvel Studios

BURBANK, CA–After director Scott Derrickson’s removal from the upcoming sequel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, reports began circulating that Sam Raimi would replace him on the project. Raimi, best known for his work on the Evil Dead and original Spider-Man trilogies, disclosed details to Marvelous Movies about his plans for the project.

“We’ve got some very exciting ideas for this film,” Raimi explained. “We’re looking at a storyline where Doctor Strange gets consumed by some kind of evil plot device–er, evil entity–and turns into a darker, more aggressive version of himself. He’ll don a black costume, and his baser, more violent nature will come out in the form of wearing eyeliner and dancing ridiculously through the streets of New York. The fans will love it!”

“We’re also gonna have three villains, at least,” Raimi confirmed. “That will be sure to keep things interesting. One of them will be a terrifying dark reflection of our hero, which I don’t think has ever been attempted in a superhero movie before. But he’ll be so scary that we’ll be sure to keep his screentime to a minimum and just cram him into the last 20 minutes. And we’ll cast an un-intimidating skinny guy, so people don’t get freaked out too much.”

Raimi admitted that he even considered re-casting the titular role of Doctor Strange with Tobey Maguire instead of Benedict Cumberbatch. Maguire had the good sense to turn down the role.

Photo: Renaissance Pictures

Fan response to Raimi’s new direction has been divided, and anticipation for the sequel is not as high as it once was. By and large, though, anticipation is much higher for Doctor Strange 3: Army of Darkness, in which Cumberbatch will team up with Bruce Campbell to battle the undead.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will release in 2021.

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