2020 Confirmed to Be Direct Result of Flashpoint

Photo: The CW

CENTRAL CITY–Sources have confirmed that the current events of the year 2020 are in fact a direct result of Flashpoint–the event in which the Flash ran back in time to try to save his mother and inadvertently altered the timeline forever by changing the past. We at Marvelous Movies spoke with Barry Allen, a.k.a. the Flash, to get his take on the issue and to hear what 2020 could have been like.

“I traveled to 2020 before on my show, and it was nothing like this,” the Flash explained. “The economy was great, there was no coronavirus, and we got rid of all the murder hornets. The Presidential candidates were way better, too. I mean, granted, Lex Luthor was running, and he’s not perfect, but he beats the current guys, am I right?”

“I think I figured out what went wrong in this timeline,” the Flash went on. “It all started with the death of Harambe in 2016! Believe me, Grodd was pretty pissed about that one. And now he’s secretly orchestrating events from the shadows in this timeline to make everything terrible. He must be behind COVID and the election!”

“But really, it’s on me for messing with the timeline,” Flash added. “So, you know, sorry about that.”

At publishing time, Superman had offered to correct the Flash’s mistake by flying around the globe fast enough to reverse time itself. Authorities have cautioned him against this, though, maintaining that we don’t need any more DC characters ruining everyone’s lives. We here at Marvelous Movies fully support and applaud the authorities’ decision on this matter.

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