So Why Did Thor Become a Girl, Anyway? Comics Explained

Photo: Marvel Comics

This week we’ve got another letter from a fan about the complex world of comics! We were even able to dialogue with this fan for a bit after his letter! Here’s what he writes:

Dear Marvelous Movies,
Someone told me that Thor became a girl in the comics! And then I heard they were making a movie about Thor being a girl, too! So what’s up with that? And are they even allowed to still call her “Thor” instead of “She-Thor” or “Thor-Woman” or something?
Aaron Jason of Broxton, Oklahoma

MM: Well, Aaron, that’s a great question! Let’s dive into the annals of comics history and see what we can find.

Thor #1 (2014).
Photo: Marvel Comics.

As we all know, superheroes were invented by the great Stan Lee in 1961 and have been going strong since then. But, somewhere around the mid-2010s, Marvel had the radical idea that it wasn’t just white guys who could be superheroes, but women and minorities too! Shortly after, the Comics Code Authority passed a law, the Superhuman Redesignation Act, stating that every white male superhero had to be replaced by a woman or other-racial version instead!

AJ: So that’s where this Thor Girl came from?
MM: No, Thor Girl is an entirely separate character, you uncultured swine!

Thor God of Thunder Vol 1 5
Thor: God of Thunder #5 (2013).
Photo: Marvel Comics.

AJ: Oh. Well, how did they explain Thor becoming a girl in the comics, then?
MM: Ah, it’s quite simple! An alien called Gor the God Butcher tried to kill all the gods because he believed they were bad for people. Then a few years later, the Orb killed the Watcher and stole his eye, which exploded, thereby revealing lots of secrets to everyone! The secret that Dude-Thor heard was “Gor was right,” and that somehow made him unworthy to lift the hammer and super depressed! So since he couldn’t wield the hammer anymore, his cancer-stricken ex-girlfriend Jane Foster suddenly decided to pick it up instead and become Thor!

AJ: Oh, well, that makes sense.
MM: Doesn’t it, though?

AJ: But still, wasn’t “Thor” just Thor’s actual name? How can someone else just become Thor? If someone else gets my job, they don’t get my name, too. Couldn’t she still be the thunder goddess but just use a different name?
MM: Don’t overthink this, dude.

The Unworthy Thor #1 (2016). Photo: Marvel Comics

AJ: So, while Jane Foster was off being Thor, what was Dude-Thor doing?
MM: He spent a lot of time just moping around, drinking, and being sad because he was unworthy! So pretty much like when we saw him in Avengers: Endgame! But later he started using an ax instead of the hammer and doing cool stuff with the ax! Just like in Avengers: Infinity War! Hmm, I’m beginning to see a pattern here…

AJ: So is that why they decided to make a movie of this storyline too?
MM: No, that was all Natalie Portman’s idea! She realized that she picked the worst possible time to drop out of the MCU–she missed out on the best Thor movie and the highest-grossing movie of all time! So she kinda begged them to let her back in, and this time she wanted to play Thor! And Taika Waititi agreed to let her, as long as he could tell a bunch more jokes and make it even more ridiculous than Ragnarok!

Thor #1 (2018). Photo: Marvel Comics.

AJ: Boy, things sure have gotten weird now that Thor is a girl!
MM: Oh, but he’s not! Nothing is permanent in comics. As of a couple years ago, Dude-Thor is back being just regular ol’ Thor, but now with a shiny gold hammer too! Because nothing screams gender equality like bringing back the same ol’ white guy but with fancy new weapons instead!

AJ: So is it true that Thor is a Disney princess now?
MM: I think we all know the answer to that one!

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