Baby Yoda Comes Under Fire from PETA

Photo: Lucasfilm

MALDO KREIS–The alien creature known as The Child, a.k.a. Baby Yoda, has come under fire from PETA for consuming multiple unfertilized eggs belonging to an endangered species. PETA has filed a lawsuit against The Child and his caretaker, bounty hunter Din Djarin, believing The Child’s actions to be in violation of the Endangered Species Act of 1973.

Republic Sources indicate that Djarin was transporting an unidentified passenger and her unfertilized eggs from Tattooine to the moon of Trask in hopes of continuing her family line. The Child reportedly consumed an unspecified number of the eggs over a period of multiple days.

“Don’t let the innocent appearance fool you,” said a spokesperson from PETA. “Baby Yoda is nothing short of a genocidal maniac, and we’ll see to it that he answers for these crimes. Meat is murder!”

The mother of the eggs, known only as Frog Lady, had this comment to add: “ribbit, squeak, squawk, croak, ribbit.” The Child himself was unavailable for comment.

At publishing time, various men’s rights groups were also threatening to sue the Mandalorian’s new female allies for wearing boob armor.

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