Joker Escapes amid Sleigh Ride Confrontation; Batman Reportedly “Smells”

Photo: DC Entertainment

GOTHAM CITY–Infamous criminal the Joker escaped from Arkham Asylum yesterday. The Joker reportedly rode in a horse-drawn sleigh, complete with jingling bells, through the snowy streets of downtown Gotham. Batman arrived to apprehend the Joker but was unsuccessful.

Batman attempted to stop the Joker by driving the Batmobile into Joker’s sleigh. In the ensuing collision, however, the Batmobile’s front wheel was dislodged and came loose from the vehicle.

At this point, Batman exited the Batmobile and attempted to capture the Joker on foot. Eyewitnesses note that an especially strong stench seemed to be emanating from Batman’s person. GCPD Commissioner James Gordon commented, “I get that he spends a lot of time in a dark cave, but doesn’t he ever shower–or change his costume?”

The Joker managed to flee from the scene on foot, though some witnesses reported him limping from the location, speculating that he may have sustained a broken leg in the collision.

Perhaps most startling are eyewitness testimonies that Batman’s sidekick Robin appeared to have lain an egg during the confrontation. Authorities are uncertain how to explain this phenomenon but believe it may be a sinister plot by the villainous Egghead.

It remains unclear how the Joker obtained the horse-drawn sleigh in the first place while in confinement at Arkham. However, nobody really questions costumed criminals riding unusual vehicles through Gotham anymore.

Anyone with information on the Joker’s whereabouts is cautioned against engaging and is encouraged to notify the GCPD immediately.

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