Green Lantern HBO Max Series Title Revealed: “The Rings of Power”

Photos: Warner Bros., Amazon

BURBANK, CA–Warner Bros. has revealed new details about its upcoming Green Lantern show. The series will be subtitled The Rings of Power, referencing the power rings wielded by all Green Lanterns.

The prequel series will detail the origins of the powerful rings when they were first forged by cosmic beings called the Guardians of the Universe. Hugo Weaving has been cast as a young Guardian called Ganthet, with Cate Blanchett starring opposite as his companion, Sayd. Benedict Cumberbatch has been brought on to voice Parallax, an evil entity who wants to wield the rings for his own purposes.

Sadly, fan expectations for the show don’t seem high. Upon hearing that it will feature non-white characters (such as John Stewart, Simon Baz, and Jessica Cruz), Green Lantern fans across the internet have begun lambasting the show for being “woke” and pushing a liberal agenda. Many are even threatening to boycott the show entirely.

“I just wish they’d stick to the source material,” said Jordan Gardner, 36, of Coast City. “It looks like it’s not gonna be true to the comics, or nearly as good as the Green Lantern movie. I mean, you can’t mess with a classic, right?”

“No, I haven’t seen it yet,” said Scott Kyle, 27, of Los Angeles. “I didn’t even watch the trailer. I just know already that it’s gonna suck.”

“I’m gonna have to muster up all my willpower just to watch it,” Gardner added.

Green Lantern: The Rings of Power will premiere on HBO Max in September.

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