Marvel Fanboy Mistakes ‘The Woman King’ for ‘Black Panther’ Sequel

Photos: Sony Pictures (left); Marvel Studios (right)

LOS ANGELES, CA–In a sadly unsurprising turn of events, Marvel fan Todd Phelps, 33, has committed quite an unfortunate blunder. Phelps went to see critically acclaimed film The Woman King but revealed through online posting that he’d mistaken the film about African warrior women for a different upcoming film about African warrior women. Yes, Phelps somehow went in to The Woman King believing that it was Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther sequel!

“Yeah, I saw a commercial for this African movie coming out in September,” Phelps told Marvelous Movies. “And I love Africa! So I was like, ‘sweet, an early premiere of Wakanda Forever!’ and figured I’d go check it out. But it didn’t really live up to the hype!”

Phelps posted the following spoiler-free review on social media after viewing the film: “Of course I knew Chadwick Boseman died, which sucks, so this was gonna be a more female-led film. But it looks like they recast almost all the other Wakandans, like Shuri and Okoye, which was weird. And they got Amanda Waller from Suicide Squad for the lead. I thought Marvel was above using recycled DC actors!”

“Plus, they made Maria Rambeau a Wakandan warrior too like we just wouldn’t notice? Was this supposed to be another Illuminati multiverse or something?”

“At least Finn finally got the respect he deserved after The Last Jedi,” Phelps’ post continued. “Cool how they managed to crossover with Star Wars in this one since they’re both owned by Disney. Just kind of a weird way to do it, imho.”

“Overall, this wasn’t Marvel’s best installment. Probably three out of five stars. But I trust Kevin Feige knows what he’s doing, and I’m sure they’ll answer all of our questions in Secret Wars.”

While The Woman King is now playing in theaters, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever actually premieres on November 11th. We can’t wait to see how Phelps reacts on social media then!

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