‘The Walking Dead’ Finally Dies; Show’s Rotting Corpse Reanimates via Spin-Offs

Images: AMC

NEW YORK–Some of us thought this moment would never come, but now it’s here. After over a decade on the air, AMC original series The Walking Dead has finally died.

The Walking Dead (2010-2022) began as a healthy, bright young show with lots of potential. While it went through an annoyingly dramatic adolescent stage around season 3, it soon matured into a very good show around the prime of its life, seasons 4 through 6.

Soon, though, the show started feeling the natural effects of getting older, and its loved ones could tell that things weren’t quite the same. The show was moving more slowly, its youthful vitality gone, spreading out a war with one villainous group over two entire seasons. Worse, it began hemorrhaging characters in seasons 8 and 9, losing both the main character (Rick) and his son (Carl), with other major characters also taking leaves of absence. Since Rick’s departure in season 9, it’s been clear to many that the elderly show has been struggling to hobble around on its last legs.

After years of seeing the once-beloved show in a painful state of decline, showrunner Angela Kang finally made the decision to put it out of its misery. Last night, The Walking Dead officially died with the final episode of the extended season 11. We sincerely hope that its suffering is over now and that it manages to rest in peace.

However, this seems unlikely, because–just like the gruesome zombies who the show has featured for years–The Walking Dead just won’t stay dead. Already, its freshly buried corpse is starting to stir again with AMC’s announcements of additional spin-off shows–such as Tales of the Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon, Dead City, and more. It’s almost as if the franchise doesn’t even realize it’s dead, but just keeps going solely on primal instinct. Devoid of all humanity–only a mindless, empty shell of the life it once held–The Walking Dead franchise charges forward, driven only by an unquenchable hunger for more money.

Marvelous Movies urges extreme caution in engaging with any of these undead remnants of the Walking Dead franchise. They are to be considered infected and extremely dangerous. If we don’t deal with this threat soon–preferably with a swift shot to the head–then its infection could spread to other shows and spell a new apocalypse for TV as we know it!

Everyone stay safe out there and remember to avoid the Walking Dead franchise at all costs, for the safety of yourself and all your loved ones.

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