Majority of Americans Would Vote for Thanos in 2020

WASHINGTON, DC – In a conclusive new poll conducted by Marvelous Movies, the vast majority of Americans revealed that they would vote for the mad Titan Thanos if he ran for their party and promised to snap all the members of the opposing party out of existence.

“I feel like the world would be a better place if we did not have to listen to people with annoying ideas always expressing themselves,” commented Dawn Key, who identifies as a liberal snowflake. “Really, it would be a giant leap for liberty if we could get rid of the half of the population who refuse to stop holding objectionable views.”

Elle Faunt, a self-proclaimed conservative deplorable, expressed her hope that “a Thanos presidency would result in a return to all the wonderful things that made America great for hundreds and hundreds of years.” She quickly added that she was not a racist, but expressed hope that we could go back to the original meaning of “all men are created equal.”

Everyone seems to be talking about a Thanos candidacy, except for the mad Titan himself, who has refused to comment publicly upon the speculation. It is generally hoped that he will announce his intentions in less than eleven years this time around.

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