Bucky Jealous, Hurt that Best Friend Steve Moved on without Him

Photo: Marvel Studios

According to our sources at Marvelous Movies, Captain America’s longtime friend Sgt. Bucky Barnes, a.k.a. the Winter Soldier, is upset and hurt that his best friend Steve Rogers seems to have moved on in life without him.

“I was really looking forward to catching up with Steve again once things settled down a bit,” Barnes explained. “You know–having sleepovers, going to the movies, talking on the phone late at night and sharing all of our secrets. The kind of stuff best friends are supposed to do. And I always thought if there was a special girl in Steve’s life, then he would have at least talked to me about her, right?”

“I mean, I’ve been Steve’s best friend since before the war,” a dejected Barnes continued. “That’s almost a hundred years now! Sure, our friendship has been interrupted a few times. People get older–they lead different lives. Sometimes they get frozen or brainwashed for decades, or one person gets snapped out of existence for five years and the other one doesn’t. I get it. These things happen.”

“But then he decides to just go and live a whole other life without me,” Barnes added. “He won’t tell me anything about the girl he ended up with. I thought best friends were supposed to talk about this stuff, but he didn’t even invite me to the wedding! I guess it’s all in the past now, though–literally.”

Barnes also feels slighted that he didn’t receive the legendary vibranium shield when the Captain retired. “And then he ends up giving the shield to Sam instead,” Barnes went on, referring to USAF veteran Sam Wilson, a.k.a. the Falcon. “I mean, Sam has only known Steve for–what, less than ten years now? He’s never even rescued Steve from getting beaten up or brought him to a dance. I never really pegged Sam as a dirty, double-crossing best-friend-stealer, but it looks like he’s shown his true colors now. You’d better believe Sam and I are gonna have words about this on our show.”

“I just thought we had something special,” said Barnes.

When asked to comment further on the nature of his friendship with Barnes or on his decision to appoint Wilson as his successor, the retired Captain Rogers simply said, “No, I don’t think I will.”

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