Who Will Wield the Shield in Falcon and Winter Soldier? Comics Explained

Photo: Marvel Studios

Today we answer another fan question and take a deep dive into the wonderful world of comics!

Dear Marvelous Movies,
I’ve really been looking forward to The Falcon and Winter Soldier, and I want to know more about these characters from the comics. Is it true that one of them became Captain America after Steve Rogers? If so, which one, and how did that all happen in the comics?
Anthony Stanley of Shelbyville, Indiana

So glad you asked, Anthony! Actually, both Sam and Bucky have been Captain America in the comics–just at different times!

AS: Really? Those comic writers sure are creative!
MM: Of course! Bucky took up the mantle of Cap when Steve Rogers died following Civil War–and he really crushed the role! Then, some years later, Sam took up the mantle when the Iron Nail (no relation to Tony Stark) turned Steve into a frail old man!

AS: …Interesting. So Steve turned into an old man after he died? You mean he actually came back from dying?
MM: You’re a little new to the world of comics, aren’t you?

AS: Boy, next you’re gonna tell me that Cap also turned evil!
MM: Heh. If only you knew…

Photo: Marvel Comics

AS: So what was Bucky like as Captain America?
MM: Kinda like the real Cap, but he wore black and carried a pistol, so everyone would know he was darker and edgier! He helped take down the Red Skull in one of his first missions as Cap. And he also revealed that, during his time as the Winter Soldier, he killed Hitler! So that’s Marvel canon now!

AS: Wow! It’s amazing that Bucky did all of that single-handedly!
MM: Wait, did you seriously just–

Photo: Marvel Comics

AS: And what about Sam?
MM: Well, he kept his winged suit and stuff–just wore Captain America colors too and used the shield!

AS: So he was basically Captain Falcon?
MM: Hmm…well-played.

AS: So who do you think will be the new Cap on the show?
MM: Who knows? Maybe they’ll even fight over it…

AS: Just one more thing. This show starts in mid-March, right?
MM: Yeah…why?

AS: Well, how can it continue into the spring and summer months if Bucky is supposed to be the Winter Soldier?
MM: I think we’re done here!

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premieres March 19th on DisneyPlus.

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