How Captain America Could Return to the MCU

Photo: Marvel Studios

OPINION–You’ve probably been hearing a lot of rumors lately about how Captain America (specifically as played by Chris Evans) could return to the MCU. These rumors may be surprising, because as we all know, most characters who die in superhero movies inevitably stay dead forever. But nonetheless, we thought of a whole slew of ways the writers could bring this central hero back from on ice!

Have him time travel from the past. If Avengers: Endgame and subsequent Marvel contributions have taught us anything, it’s that time travel can bring back any number of previously dead characters, and people will barely even question it!

Bring him back as a Force ghost. Now that Disney owns both Marvel and Star Wars, we can’t imagine why this hasn’t happened yet! In the style of other great Force ghosts, we’d love to see Cap advising our younger heroes with cryptic half-truths or reappearing as the young version of himself for no real reason. Conversely, there’s always the option of Chris Evans joining the Star Wars universe too.

Do a show with old Steve Rogers. Technically, we never saw Steve die in Endgame–he just aged out into an old man. We think there’s great potential for a different kind of Marvel show, kid-friendly and educational, where old Captain Rogers is the star. Maybe even something involving a neighborhood…

Introduce the Hydra Cap storyline. This fan-favorite storyline from the comics is sure to be a crowd pleaser and definitely won’t elicit any death threats to the creators!

Have Bucky or Sam become the next Cap. Though it wouldn’t include Chris Evans, this seems like a good option for the upcoming Falcon and Winter Soldier show…if only they could decide who gets the shield!

Of course, there’s always the possibility that someone like Wanda Maximoff could warp reality to raise Steve from the dead! Or maybe Wonder Woman could wish really hard on a magic crystal to bring back Steve (played by Chris) who had previously disappeared at the end of a World War. They should put that in a movie!

Which option are you most excited for? We here at Marvelous Movies hope for all of these to happen, at the same time.

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