Disney Announces “Captain America Punches Bad Guys” TV Series for Disney+

Photo: Timely/Marvel Comics

Photo: Marvel Comics

BURBANK, CA – Marvel Studios has announced a new TV series for Disney+ inspired by cult classic Quantum Leap and the comic book debut of Captain America. The series will follow the First Avenger’s adventures in history as he traveled through time returning the Infinity Stones and Mjolnir at the end of Avengers: Endgame. Along the way, he will learn that he cannot return to his original timeline and be reunited with Agent Peggy Carter until he punches out a certain number of villains throughout history.

“Steve just reconciled with Tony, then Tony dies fighting Thanos. He’s got a lot of complex emotions to process through,” a representative for Marvel Studios said. “One thing we know about Steve, he buries his emotions down deep and ignores them as he engages in a righteous crusade beating up bad guys. So, this will begin as a welcome mission for him to take on, but it will begin to wear on him as the series progresses.”

The new series is still in development, but our sources tell us that the following victims of Cap’s Mighty KO will include:

  • The Fox executives who canceled Firefly;
  • Every boy band member ever;
  • Trevor Slattery;
  • Grammar nazis;
  • Jar Jar Binks;
  • Whoever decided carbs were the enemy;
  • The fanboys who hated on the Captain Marvel movie before even watching it;
  • The geniuses behind the DCEU movies.

Judging by this list, it is clear that Captain America has become the hero we so desperately need and absolutely do not deserve.

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