Firefly Cast to Reunite for Virtual Cancellation

Photo: Fox

LOS ANGELES, CA–Following a string of movie and TV reunions happening virtually during the months of staying at home, the original cast of Firefly will be reuniting over Zoom for an all-new virtual cancellation. Cast members including Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk will join in a live script reading of the fan-favorite episode “Jaynestown.” In keeping with the spirit of the original show, though, the event will be aired out of order and is expected to be cancelled abruptly midway through.

“We wanted to bring fans the authentic Firefly experience, which is why we’re doing it this way,” explained creator Joss Whedon. “We actually worked it out with the people at Zoom to treat this event just like Fox treated the show. They’ll be able to show different parts of the reading at different times, and even mess with the audio quality and stuff like that. Then, they’ll just cut the call off about twenty minutes into it!”

“It’ll be just like old times,” Whedon continued. “But don’t tell the actors. They don’t know, and they’re actually really excited about being able to do a full episode.”

A digital image of the late actor Ron Glass will be added to the Zoom call to read the part of Shepherd Book, in keeping with the universally embraced trend of using CGI to revitalize elderly or deceased actors in space opera films. Following the reading, Zoom plans to make the virtual addition of Ron Glass an available option for all users on Zoom calls of any purpose or duration.

The script reading will air on a weekday at 3 A.M. when nobody is awake to watch it. But if you miss it this time around, don’t worry. Post-cancellation plans are already being made for a full-length movie script reading of Serenity sometime in 2022, so that longtime fans of the show can listen to their favorite characters being killed off all over again.

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