Confused DC Fan Somehow Missed Wonder Woman 2 through 83

Photo: DC Films

KNOXVILLE, TN–After watching the new trailer for DC’s upcoming film Wonder Woman 84, one confused fan doesn’t understand how he missed the several intervening Wonder Woman films since the first one.

“It’s really weird,” explained Rob Picaynne, 31, an avid longtime fan of DC’s comics, shows, and movies. “The first Wonder Woman movie came out in 2017, just a couple years ago, and I’ve been looking forward to Wonder Woman 2 for a while now. So imagine my surprise when I suddenly came across a trailer for Wonder Woman 84 instead! I just don’t understand how I could’ve missed the second one, much less 80-some more sequels since then. Maybe the marketing was just really poor?”

“And that’s just an insane number of movies too,” Picaynne astutely noted while attempting to count on his fingers. “82 movies since 2017 equals, like, a lot of movies per year! I mean, I know DC has been trying to play catch-up with Marvel and really cashing in on the one successful part of the DCEU. Putting out a bunch of rushed, oversaturated films in such a short time does seem like their best move for sure. But still! How am I supposed to keep up with 82 whole new movies?”

“Guess I’ve got a lot of catching up to do,” Picaynne added absently. “I definitely want to know what’s going on in Wonder Woman 84, so I’d better watch 2 through 83 before then. But also, does Wonder Woman even have that many different villains to fight in each movie? I mean, the first one had Ares, and then there’s also Cheetah, and…probably some others, I guess…” Picaynne’s voice trailed off as he scratched his head and shrugged.

Wonder Woman 84 hits theaters in December 2020. At publishing time, Picaynne was frustratedly searching for information on how to install Windows 9 on his computer.


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