Details Revealed on Kevin Feige’s Star Wars Film: “The Saga of Steve Rogwalker”

Photos: Marvel Studios,

NEW YORK, NY–The internet has been abuzz with reports about an upcoming Star Wars film helmed by none other than Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and rumored to feature Avengers stars Chris Evans and Brie Larson. Further details about the film’s anticipated casting choices have now come to light at this past weekend’s New York Comic Con. Here’s everything we know so far about the characters in this installment from the visionary creative mind of Kevin Feige:

  • Chris Evans as Steve Rogwalker, a Republic soldier who fought in the Clone Wars, but then got frozen in carbonite, and reawakened 50 years later in the Resistance era.
  • Brie Larson as Carol Danvorgana, an amnesiac military pilot serving with a group of enhanced aliens while trying to piece together her past.
  • Robert Downey, Jr. as Tohan Starkolo, a rogue who starts out as a selfish antihero but gradually learns the value of teamwork and sacrifice.
  • Chris Hemsworth as Thorbacca, the large, hairy, and sometimes short-tempered muscle of the group.
  • Mark Ruffalo as Hulkoda, a green-skinned alien with unusual speech patterns.
  • Don Cheadle as James Rhodissian, a longtime friend and ally of Tohan Starkolo’s.
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Nickiwan Furobi, a mysterious mentor who helps to bring this team of misfits together. (It is still unclear how Jackson’s previous Star Wars role as Mace Windu will tie into his appearance here.)
  • Josh Brolin as Darthanos, the film’s villain, a mad Sith Lord who seeks powerful Force artifacts in order to impose his will on the galaxy.

Zoe Saldana is additionally rumored to make a cameo as a green-skinned dancing alien girl at Jabba the Hutt’s palace, with Bradley Cooper providing the voice of a small and overly obnoxious CGI alien creature.

Infinity Endgames: A Star Wars Story is currently slated for a 2022 release. When asked if his previous work on the Marvel Cinematic Universe would serve in any way as an inspiration for his new creative endeavors, Feige stated that he wouldn’t want any comparisons between the two to feel Forced.

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