What’s the Deal with WandaVision? Comics Explained

Photo: DisneyPlus

Today we answer another fan letter as we dive into the weird and wonderful world of comics!

Dear Marvelous Movies,
I watched the trailers for WandaVision, and it looks pretty trippy. I’m not even sure what’s going on for most of it. I don’t know much about comics, but some people online were talking about how Wanda can basically alter reality in the comics. Can you give me the rundown on that? Also, how is it possible that Vision is in this when he clearly died in Infinity War?
Charles C. Witt of Salem, Massachutesetts

Great questions, Charles! Let’s tackle the second question first. Vision could be brought back in a number of different ways. It may be hard to believe, but most of the characters who died in Infinity War didn’t actually stay dead at all!

CW: Okay, well, everyone who died in the Snap came back, obviously. But, I mean, Gamora–
MM: Came back in Endgame through time travel!

CW: Yeah, but Loki–
MM: Also came back in Endgame and is getting his own spin-off series–again, through time travel!

CW: …Okay, I see your point.
MM: But what you heard about Wanda’s reality powers is right. The prevailing fan theory is that she alters reality to bring Vision back from the dead!

CW: Whoa! Could she do that in the comics?
MM: Yep! You see, in the comics, Wanda and Vision actually had twin sons, and–

CW: Wait, isn’t Vision a robot? I mean, how can a robot…well, you know…have sons?
MM: I’m sure the family-friendly show on DisneyPlus will explore that point in great detail!

CW: Okay, fair point. But were they, like, robot children like him, or what?
MM: Nope, you’re thinking of Vision’s other children, Vin and Viv, who he had with his robot wife, Virginia!

CW: Um…comics are weird.
MM: They sure are! But anyway, since robots don’t exactly have man parts, it’s established that Wanda actually used her reality-warping powers to create the boys out of nowhere. And then later, she brought their souls back as reincarnated teenagers who then joined the Young Avengers!

CW: Oh. Well, that makes about as much sense as anything I’ve heard today.
MM: It sure does! But we’ve also got to mention another big Scarlet Witch storyline, House of M!

CW: Oh yeah? What’s that one all about?
MM: It’s where Wanda creates an alternate world for all the heroes where everyone’s deepest wish had come true! Mutants ruled the world instead of humans, which is pretty much what Wanda’s father Magneto always wanted! But at the end of the arc, Wanda turned on her father and said “no more mutants”–depowering most of the mutants in the world with just three words!

CW: Whoa. So is that why there aren’t any actual mutants in the MCU?
MM: Touché. I’m sure that must be it!

CW: One more question. If Wanda is so powerful that she can bring people back from the dead, then how come her brother Quicksilver never came back?
MM: Sadly, studio conflicts are even more powerful than Wanda!

Marvel’s WandaVision airs on January 15th, only on DisneyPlus!

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