Loki: A Nostalgic Return to 2012

Photo: DisneyPlus

OPINION–With the internet abuzz about the upcoming Loki series, fans are hopeful for a lot of things. But what we here at Marvelous Movies are looking forward to most is a nostalgic return to 2012. The Loki series picks up after Avengers: Endgame when the Loki of 2012 escaped due to time travel, thus creating a new timeline. Since the original timeline had Loki locked up in Asgard after the events of The Avengers, we’re looking forward to him experiencing more of what Earth looked like nine years ago!

Here are some things we’re expecting to see:

  • The election. It looks like we may get to see Loki participate in the presidential election of 2012, which contained two decent, reasonable candidates who both seemed like they wanted what was best for the country. And if that doesn’t sound like an alternate timeline, then we don’t know what does!
  • The Amazing Spider-Man. This reboot featuring Andrew Garfield came out a few months after Loki’s return in summer 2012. With any luck, maybe the new timeline will completely erase this movie from existence!
  • The Dark Knight Rises also came out that summer. Was there some rule about all the superhero villains that year being played by actors named Tom H.?
  • Hipsters. Maybe Loki will grow a beard and start wearing flannel to try to fit in with the popular culture of the day. In fact, growing a beard would probably make him fit in better on Asgard too–and isn’t that what Loki has always wanted?
  • People saying YOLO. We’ll be extremely disappointed if nobody says “YOLO” throughout this whole series–and if Loki doesn’t immediately contradict them, since he’s already died and come back about three times now!
  • “Do it for the Vine.” Wait, was Vine even a thing back then?
  • The end of the world. As everyone who lived through it will certainly recall, the world actually ended in December of 2012! No doubt the show will explain how Loki’s mischief had something to do with that!
  • No masks. Was there actually a time back when people didn’t wear masks everywhere they went? Seems a little fake to us.

Loki premieres in May on DisneyPlus.

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