Marvel’s Monopoly on Tom H. Actors: Who Will They Cast Next?

Photos: Marvel Studios (left); Columbia Pictures and Marvel Entertainment (top right); Creative Commons (bottom right)

OPINION–Everyone knows about Marvel’s monopoly on the famous Chris actors, but the Tom H.’s are talked about much less often. When we look at the facts, though, it’s clear that Marvel seems to be stockpiling actors named Tom whose last names begin with H. Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Tom Holland (Spider-Man), and Tom Hardy (Venom) are all in the MCU. This fact begs a few obvious questions, such as: will we get to see an epic crossover between all of the Tom H.’s? And, more importantly: when is Tom Hanks going to appear in a Marvel movie?

Photo: Marvel Comics

As for the first question, why wouldn’t the Toms Holland, Hardy, and Hiddleston all appear together in a Marvel movie? Bringing Spider-Man and Venom together would be fairly easy. Bringing Loki in could be trickier, but all you’d need would be a magical macguffin to connect Spider-Man to the supernatural world. You know, something about Spidey being the latest in a long line of mystical spider-totem bearers. Makes perfect sense, right?

Of course not, but whatever. At least it still couldn’t be any worse than the last movie to feature both Spider-Man and Venom!

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Photo: Columbia Pictures and Marvel Entertainment

And now for Tom Hanks, the king of all the Tom H. actors. While Hanks, like most of the Avengers, has starred in a Disney-created movie by Joss Whedon, it’s true that the Marvel movies may not be his typical fare. So the question is: what character or role in a Marvel movie would be right for an aging but super-nice gentleman like Tom to play? We think we have the perfect answer.

Photos: Creative Commons

Having Tom Hanks dress up as Stan Lee and make cameos in various Marvel movies would be the perfect way to get him a fitting role in Venom 3: Let There be Loki. But we also hope to see him reprise the role in a biopic entitled Stan Story. After all, Hanks has already shown himself to be the perfect choice to star in biopics about kind old men who everyone loves!

Make it happen, Marvel! The people have spoken.

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