DC’s Newest Attempt to Rival Marvel: Chrises on Infinite Earths

Photos: Marvel Studios

After years of trying to seem like a rival to Marvel, DC believes it has finally uncovered the secret to Marvel’s success in the movie industry: using so many actors named Chris. Indeed, there are many powerful Chrises in Hollywood today, and none of them are to be taken lightly. Much like the infinity stones, it seems that whoever holds the most Chrises holds the power, currently putting Marvel on top with such noteworthy performances by Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Chris Pratt, among others. But not to be outdone, DC has just announced its newest movie crossover, Chrises on Infinite Earths, which will utilize several Chrises of DC’s own as well as re-casting Marvel’s Chrises in new roles for DC. Here’s what we know about the project so far:

  • The DC Chrises

As any DC film should, Chrises on Infinite Earths will focus centrally on the franchise’s major heroes, Superman (Christopher Reeve) and Batman (Christian Bale). Alongside Batman, Chris O’Donnell will also reprise his role as Robin. Rumor has it that Superman and Batman will start out as enemies in this film, but will suddenly make amends once they realize that their names are both Chris. These three heroes and others will then be called on to unite against a major threat.

Photos: Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Chris Pine as Steve Trevor

While Wonder Woman won’t be able to join this adventure, she’ll send her love interest, World War I veteran Steve Trevor, to join the boys on their mission. Renowned Marvel actor Chris Pine, best known for his voice work as Spider-Man in another multiverse-spanning adventure, will play Col. Trevor, which definitely didn’t happen already before DC stole him away from Marvel.

Photos: Sony Pictures and Marvel Entertainment (left); DC Films (right)
  • Chris Evans as Rick Flag

Chris Evans will star as Rick Flag, a patriotic American soldier and former World War II hero. While the character has traditionally been portrayed in a more plain military uniform, Evans will wear an outfit reminiscent of the American flag in honor of the character’s last name.

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Photo: Marvel Studios
  • Chris Hemsworth as Aquaman

While Aquaman has appeared already in the DCEU movies, a crisis in the multiverse allows room to introduce alternate versions of established characters, played by new actors. In this case, Chris Hemsworth seemed like the perfect choice to play a buff, hairy, blond guy who wields a medieval weapon and is heir to the throne of a fantastical kingdom but must contend for the throne with his jealous half-brother. Christopher Eccelston will reprise his Marvel role as Hemsworth’s pointy-eared nemesis. Chris O’Dowd will reprise his Marvel role as the guy who Chris Hemsworth’s love interest briefly dates when Chris Hemsworth isn’t around.

Photos: Marvel Studios

And, in yet another alternate universe featured in the film, Hemsworth will star fleetingly as Chris Pine’s father, a ship captain who died at his son’s birth and whose legacy inspired his son to pursue a military career.

  • Chris Pratt as Green Lantern

Chris Pratt will play Hal Jordan, a cocky hotshot hero who goes on adventures in space. But since the Green Lanterns are a corps of many space-faring soldiers, he’ll have a small crew of companions. Other Green Lanterns from the comics will be adapted as part of this team–such as Kilowog, a big, brawny fighter; Jade, a green-skinned woman; Ch’p, a rodent-like alien; and Medphyll, a vegetative space creature. This slapstick band of misfits will actually break away from the Green Lantern Corps and take on the name of the Lanterns’ cosmic masters, the Guardians of the Universe.

Photos: Marvel Studios (left); DC comics (right)

Chris Rock is also expected to appear as Green Lantern John Stewart.

  • The Crisis

The crisis of this film will begin when an evil white wizard from a magical realm (Christopher Lee) starts threatening the timeline. An alien from the future, Mon-El (Chris Wood) will notice the threats to time. With the help of an eccentric, time-traveling scientist (Christopher Lloyd), Mon-El will assemble the heroes from various timelines to save the entire multiverse of Chrises.

Photos: The CW (left); New Line Cinema (center); Universal Pictures (right)

Christopher Nolan (the Dark Knight trilogy) will direct the film from a screenplay written by Chris Terrio (Batman vs, Superman, Justice League). Chrises on Infinite Earths is being slated for a 2021 release. Pending a successful reception, DC then plans to produce Cresses on Infinite Earths, starring Cress Williams as Black Lightning.

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