Opinion: We Must Support Thanos This November to Defeat the Joker

Photos: Marvel Entertainment (left), DC Entertainment (right), Zazzle (center)

OPINION–We all understand that Thanos isn’t a perfect person; he certainly has his character flaws. But he’s the only candidate who can realistically beat the Joker in 2020. That’s why we all have to unite behind Thanos this November if we don’t want the Joker in the White House.

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Photo: Marvel Studios

As we approach election season, there’s been a lot of exaggerated and unfair criticism of Thanos. It may be true that he’s made some problematic choices in the past–haven’t we all? But we’re not electing a superhero or an Avenger. We’re just hiring someone to do a job–and he’s done a great job so far. Thanos wants to end world hunger and is the only candidate in years to have taken actionable steps toward that end. He also reduced poverty and unemployment by half in no time, and created jobs for countless aliens in our country (he’s always been a Titan of industry). Even Natasha Romanov, one of Thanos’s notable detractors, has acknowledged that he’s kept all of his promises and done everything he said he would do.

Let’s also not forget that the DC-loving media hates Thanos and has been attacking him for years. They’re constantly spreading lies and taking his words out of context to portray him as violent and mad. But this is all just part of their hateful agenda and fake narrative. For example, they never even report the fact that Thanos personally destroyed the Infinity Stones, some of the most dangerous weapons known to man. Instead, they only report that he used the Stones to kill billions of people, as if that has anything to do with his life-saving policy implementations.

Photo: CBS et al.

Some former Marvel fans even object to Thanos (no doubt buying into DC’s lies) and have instead backed Leonardo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It’s a nice idea, and Leonardo probably has good intentions, but a protest move like this is really just throwing away your vote. No third company other than Marvel or DC has ever won an election before, and the reality is that our country is going to go in one of two directions. A vote for Leonardo just takes away votes from Thanos. It’s essentially a vote for the Joker.

Remember that this is the same Joker who killed Jason Todd and sexually assaulted Barbara Gordon in 1988. It’s the same Joker who supported putting harmful chemicals in your common household products (like big government wants to do) in 1989. He was also seen unlawfully impersonating a medical professional in 2008. The Joker wants to take away your freedoms, paralyze our country into anarchy, and undo all the humanitarian work that Thanos has achieved over the last four years. Thanos is the only candidate who can stop the Joker from destroying America.

Photos: Warner Bros.

Who would you rather have as president: a humanitarian, nature-loving family man who raised two strong, capable daughters, or a crazy, criminal clown? I urge all of my fellow Americans to put your objections aside and support Thanos this November, to bring balance back to our country and uphold the moral foundations of this great nation.

Photos: Marvel Studios (left); DC Comics (right)

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