DC Unveils New Alternate Universe in Which DC Is Good and Successful

Photo: DC Comics

BURBANK, CA–It’s clear that DC has way too many different universes going on. There’s the DCEU movies, the Arrowverse, the DC Universe shows, a new comics reboot about every five years, and a number of solo projects each with their own continuity, such as Watchmen, Joker, and The Batman. But DC is finally announcing a truly novel concept: a universe in which their characters and stories are compelling, enjoyable, and lucrative.

DC’s newest project will explore an alternate timeline in which Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and others are well-written, down-to-earth heroes with realistic character flaws, rather than one-dimensional and larger-than-life. They won’t even be tortured and angsty or melodramatic and cheesy. Rather, they’ll strike the perfect balance of humor, drama, and heart, a secret that the Marvel movies mastered years ago.

The timeline will also explore what would have happened if DC had any sort of cohesive plan for launching its many movie and TV franchises. In this scenario, 2008’s The Dark Knight launched a whole cinematic universe of movies, followed by Wonder Woman and Superman: The First Justice Leaguer in 2011 and a record-breaking Justice League film in 2012. Over the next several years, the franchise introduced new characters, spawned numerous sequels and TV spin-offs, and eventually culminated in an epic crossover showdown against Darkseid in 2018’s Justice League: Apocalypse War. Eventually, Justice League: Finale Contest in 2019 served as a truly epic conclusion to the saga and became the highest-grossing movie of all time! Ah, for what might have been.

If the theory of infinite possible universes holds true, then even a universe of good and successful DC stories is possible, unlikely though it may seem. Next year, DC plans to launch yet another reboot about a timeline in which DC is a serious rival to Marvel.

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