Jason Todd Lobbies against Voter Fraud

Photo: DC Comics

GOTHAM CITY–Masked vigilante Jason Todd, a.k.a. the Red Hood and formerly the second Robin, has begun speaking publicly about the dangers of voter fraud as this year’s election approaches. Todd is a strong proponent of traditional, in-person voting, believing mail-in and phone-in voting to be unreliable and highly susceptible to fraud.

“It’s too easy to manipulate votes over the phone,” Todd told Marvelous Movies in an interview. “And that could just kill a candidate’s chances. I mean, the same guy could call in and vote a bunch of times. How could you trust the results then–especially within a very small margin, like under 100 votes?”

“And what about dead people voting?” Todd continued. “Someone could even send in a vote using a dead person’s name. That sort of thing should never be allowed–unless, of course, the dead person actually has come back to life!”

At publishing time, Todd was strongly demanding a recount of the votes in the 1988 election by phone, calling the results skewed and unfair.

While we don’t want to beat our readers over the head with this point, we at Marvelous Movies agree that it’s far too easy for some joker to skew the results of an election. That kind of clowning around could really make someone a killing.

Photo: DC Comics

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