“The Man-DeLorean” Garners Award for Inspiring Countless Puns

Photo: The Walt Disney Co.

NEW YORK, NY – The New York Union of Knuckleheads (NYUK), the pre-eminent association of punsters and lovers of dad jokes, has awarded its highest honor, the Curly Howard Uncommon Comedic Knowledge, Laughter, & Entertainment (CHUCKLE) Award to the Disney+ show The Mandalorian in recognition of its historic role in inspiring countless puns.

Photo: Marvelous-Movies.com

Even Sam Ewell, one of the editors at Marvelous Movies and an unqualified genius, could not help but be inspired by the near-limitless pun potential presented by “The Mandalorian” as he created the above meme. Countless other individuals are following suit with Back to the Future jokes, wordplays around the “Man-” prefix, and the following, among others:

  • An entire, fictional lore around a Jack Black-helmed “The Kung-Fu Pandalorian.” If ever officially confirmed, experts tell us it will literally break the internet;
  • Memes featuring the underrated mandolin are literally sparking a musical revolution across every genre, with the exception of throat singing;
  • More obscurely, Billy Dee Williams-inspired jokes are proliferating across the internet with examples ranging from “The Mando Lando” to “Lando Man” and even “The Man: Lando.” While not as strong as other puns, they do feature Billy Dee Williams.

While The Mandalorian is expected to continue inspiring puns for years to come, its closest competitor, a kid-friendly reboot of The Punisher titled The PUNisher, will debut on Disney+ sometime next year.

What is the best thing that has come out of The Mandalorian? Baby Yoda or countless lowbrow puns?

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