Marvel Has Always Had 2020 Vision

Photo: Marvel Studios and DisneyPlus

OPINION–2020 has thrown us all for a loop–even Marvel and the movie industry. With most of Marvel’s planned movie and TV release dates for this year having been pushed back, some have begun to conclude that Marvel didn’t plan for COVID or this year’s craziness any more than the rest of us did. This especially looked like the case when reports began circling of WandaVision, originally scheduled for December, being delayed to spring of next year. Indeed, it looked like Marvel had lost its 2020 Vision, or its Vision for the year 2020.

The news of WandaVision being delayed was utterly disappointing to the dozens of hopeful fans who even realized that it was supposed to come out in December in the first place.

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Photo: Marvel Studios

We had faith in Marvel’s grand plan of movies, but this year seemed to throw an unexpected wrench in those plans. Wanda’s fellow magic-user, Doctor Strange, looked into 14 million different futures, and he didn’t warn anyone about COVID-19 or the awfulness of 2020! Thanks a lot, Doc!

The words of Wanda’s late brother, Pietro Maximoff, seem most fitting in these times: “You didn’t see that coming?”

But we at Marvelous Movies can assure you that Marvel’s grand plan is still moving forward! New sources have confirmed that the previous news was in error, and WandaVision is still scheduled for December of this year! It looks like Marvel still has 2020 Vision and a Vision for 2020.

They’ve had 2020 Vision all along! We never should have doubted them!

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