DC Teases Sequel Nobody Asked For to Underwhelming Suicide Squad Film

Photo: DC Films

BURBANK, CA–The internet was abuzz this weekend as the DC FanDome online event revealed a trailer for The Suicide Squad, the upcoming sequel to 2016’s film Suicide Squad. As if this year’s Birds of Prey wasn’t already bad enough, the sequel promises another action movie with deranged, amoral leads alongside a full cast of underdeveloped characters. Mercifully, Jared Leto will not be reprising his role as the Joker in this film.

True to its name, the film promises to be suicide from the start. Really, James Gunn directing a movie about a team of violent, C-list antiheroes coming together to try to be heroes, but with a goofy and slapstick tone? It’s a marvel that anyone in the galaxy thought that would be a good idea. They might as well feature Michael Rooker in the movie too and put Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky” on the soundtrack!

John Cena has allegedly been cast in the film but was absent from the much-discussed trailer. Only a blank space appeared next to his name.

DC further demonstrates their trademark lack of creativity in their belief that just adding “The” to a movie’s title will make it an entirely different and original movie. What’s next, The Batman? Oh, wait a minute…

The Suicide Squad hits theaters in 2021.

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