CW Slates Live-Action Powerpuff Girls Series for Arrowverse Lineup

Photo credits: The CW (left); Danielle Panabaker (center); Ruby Rose (right); Cartoon Network (corners)

BURBANK, CA–The internet exploded last week with the announcement that The Powerpuff Girls, the beloved Hanna-Barbera cartoon of the ’90s, will be adapted into a live-action series on the CW. Here’s what we know about the series so far and how it will tie into the CW’s existing universe of superhero shows such as The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

Melissa Benoist as Bubbles
Well-known for her roles on Glee and other stage and musical roles, the bright and cheery Melissa Benoist seems like a super girl to portray Bubbles. Just like in the original cartoon series, we expect a Strong performance for this character!

Danielle Panabaker as Blossom
Not quite as cheery as Bubbles or as frosty as Buttercup, Blossom was always the emotional center of the trio. A veteran of superhero stories from her role in Disney’s classic film Sky High, Danielle Panabaker should be killer in this role.

Ruby Rose as Buttercup
A veteran of fast-paced action films, Ruby Rose will play Buttercup, the toughest fighter of the trio. When she steps up to bat, we think she’ll be the right woman for the job!

Photos: The CW (left); Cartoon Network (right)

Tom Cavanagh as Professor Utonium
Known for successful television roles, Tom Cavanagh will portray the girls’ creator and father, Professor Utonium. Over time, the show will feature several alternate-universe versions of the Professor, with varying roles and personalities ranging from villainous to comedic, all played by Cavanagh.

Gorilla Grodd as Mojo Jojo
The villainous Grodd, known for starring as himself on the CW’s Flash series, will star as the girls’ simian nemesis, Mojo Jojo. We think fans will go bananas for this character!

Photos: The CW (left); Cartoon Network (right)

Powerpuff Girls will air in the fall 2022 season and is expected to be an integral part of the Arrowverse’s next annual crossover, Cartoons on Infinite Networks.

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