“Army of the Dead” Writer Brings “Kenobi” Series Back from the Dead

Photo: LucasFilm

BURBANK, CA – The Obi-Wan television series was supposed to forcefully bring the Star Wars franchise back to life after literally scores of former fans on Reddit declared the beloved sci-fi/fantasy series to be dead and decapitated. Now, Joby Harold, Kenobi‘s new head writer and Army of the Dead writer, is announcing his decision to take the show in a surprising new direction.

A Civil War

Picture: LucasFilm

The pre-production on the Kenobi has a dark history full of pain and suffering. First, Lucasfilm declared the original production team lacked vision, resulting in an open Civil War between the studio and the production team. The production team tried to declare their Separation from Lucasfilm, and the studio thought the production team’s finished product was just a clone of Lucas’s original masterpiece. The war only ended after Lucasfilm ordered 66 specific changes and forced out the former team.

Picture: Division Films

A Desert Sojourn

The conflict between the two sides eventually drove Ewan McGregor into the desert to fast, pray, scare away Sand People, and convince young, impressionable farm boys and/or fishermen to follow him in a holy crusade against the temptations of his corrupt former follower. Miracles are certainly on the table.

The Dead Walk Among Us

Picture: Netflix Studios

In the meantime, our confidential sources are reporting that Joby Harold has taken inspiration from his past experiences and this project’s own history to portray a week in the life of Obi-Wan after his death on Death Star I. Between evading teen amateur detective teams and the Ghostbusters, Obi-wan will be teaming up with former master Qui-Gonn Jinn an dancing the Thriller is likely on the agenda. The only thing he won’t be doing is fighting any more Sith Lords he has formerly defeated. They never return from the dead.

Hopefully, this show doesn’t develop small, wamprat-sized flaws that could kick off a series of chain reactions that causes this series to blow up into an expensive failure.

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