Who Wore It Better? Marvelous Movies Edition

Fall fashion is here, and it’s time for us at Marvelous Movies to review the current style trends in heroes, villains, and everyone in between! Here are a few of the hottest looks in the world of superheroes. But who wore it the best, and who are the real trendsetters of this season? You be the judge!

The “Mummy in a Trenchcoat” look: Negative Man or Hush

Photos: DC Entertainment

The “Flaming Head” look: Human Torch or Dormammu

Photos: Marvel Entertainment Group

The “Red Head, Green Suit” look: Red Skull or Abin Sur

Photos: Marvel Comics (left); DC Comics (right)

The “Skinny Guy with Glasses” look: Harrison Wells or James Gunn

Photos: The CW (left) and Creative Commons (right)

The “Green Stripes and Khakis” look: Sandman or Steve

Photos: Marvel Entertainment and Columbia Pictures (left); Nickelodeon (right)

The “Blue and Naked” look: Dr. Manhattan or Tobias Funke

Photos: Warner Bros. Pictures (left); 20th Century Fox (right)

What other fashion trends have you seen going around the superhero world? Sound off in the comments!

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