New Mutants Executives behind Vote Count Delays

Photos: 20th Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment (left); the Associated Press (right)

ATLANTA–In a stunning discovery made this week, the officials in charge of counting the final election votes have been found to be the same studio executives behind this year’s New Mutants film. New Mutants originally had a projected release date of early 2018, but was delayed multiple times until it released to a poor reception in August 2020.

“Sure, we figured we’d help out with the vote count,” explained longtime X-Men screenwriter Simon Kinberg. “Theaters have been pretty quiet this year, and with the movie finally out, we didn’t really have much else to do. I mean, it’s not like anyone’s really clamoring for a sequel, right?”

Despite Joe Biden pulling ahead in the electoral race, the official vote count is still ongoing in the state of Georgia nearly two weeks after the election, and was only just completed in other key states. Rumors of recounts and further delays continue to abound as well.

“The vote count will definitely be finished this month,” added producer Lauren Shuler Donner. “Well, almost definitely in 2020. But who really knows for sure?”

While the official election results may continue to be delayed, the results will almost certainly be met with a warmer reception than New Mutants was.

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