The Little Shop of Horrors in the Arrowverse

Image: Warner Bros. Studios

BURBANK, CA – Greg Berlanti, creator and producer of the Arrowverse, has been hard at work on a remake of the musical classic Little Shop of Horrors. Chris Evans is in talks to portray Orin Scrivello, the laughing-gas addicted sociopath and this naturally presents several unique opportunities to bring in some classic Batman villains into the Arrowverse.

Berlanti’s foray into the Batman mythos has largely been confined to Batwoman with its myriad C-list Batman villains. Rumors have abounded for years that Berlanti has been itching to unleash a rash of A-listers into the Arrowverse and a storyline with a murderous, carnivorous plant can only mean one thing: Poison Ivy is going to be a major villain. The CW no longer has to be green with envy over Fox’s Gotham getting the ecoterrorist femme fatale.

Image: Warner Bros. Studios

If we’re getting one A-lister, why not another? Dr. Orin Scrivello is the initial antagonist in Little Shop of Horrors. At first, he’s introduced as a smiling dentist who clowns around with the other characters, abusing his girlfriend, and jumping on his Harley. Later, it becomes clear that he’s a sadist who enjoys torturing his patients. That’s to say nothing of torturing the audience with his Killing Jokes. Early in the movie, Dr. Scrivello gets himself high on nitrous oxide, better known as ‘laughing gas’ and literally laughs himself to death. It was a scene which made him stranger and killed him.

Image: HBO Max

If Chris Evans is being set up as the Joker, we could see a live-action Harley Quinn coming to the small screen. As Evans is well-known for playing Captain America in the MCU, he is well-established as a nerdy pop-culture icon. He needs a female sidekick who can keep up with the nerdy and the only person who can pull that off is the Queen of Putting up with Nerds – Kaley Cuoco. The only thing that remains unproven is whether or not Cuoco could pull of a hard-edged Harley Quinn, keep up with the Joker, or co-star next to Poison Ivy. It would take a telepath as powerful as Doctor Psycho to tell whether it would work.

Little Shop of Horrors will fit in seamlessly with the Arrowverse. Its title is a perfect summary of DC and if executed appropriately. could well pull DC off Skid Row.

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