This Weeknd’s Super Clash

Image: Marvel Studios

The Chief news item of this past weekend has been the Super clash that has Bowled over fans across the country. The brewing clash between Wanda Maximoff and Vision has had pundits and fans alike relentlessly obsessing over who is likely to win. The First Half of WandaVision skewed heavily in favor of the Scarlet Witch, and her fans have been vocal that she would hand an L to V. After the Half, the surprise play of sending a Runner Back into Wanda’s life is likely to initiate an important shift in the ultimate outcome. Furthermore, rumors suggest that the Sidelined S.W.O.R.D. agents may be planning a Special Team to gain the upper hand while the S.W.O.R.D. special agent in charge seems to be setting himself to pass the Bucc if things go wrong. Who will win and who will lose? Only someone with magical vision could say, but what a way to Ring in the New Year!

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