Skywalker Family Spotted on Spring Break Beach Trip

Photo: Lucasfilm

SCARIF–While people everywhere are having fun in the sun, our celebrity reporters caught a glimpse of members of the famed Skywalker family enjoying the sandy beaches of Scarif! Queen Padme Amidala of Naboo was seen last week enjoying the waterfront with her children Luke and Leia.

“I love being near the water whenever I need a break from galactic politics,” Queen Amidala told reporters. “It’s so refreshing, and it really revives my will to live!”

“If there’s a bright center of the universe, then the beach must be pretty close to it,” Luke Skywalker commented. “And, hey, it sure beats Uncle Owen’s moisture farm.”

Not present on the beach was Amidala’s husband Anakin Skywalker, who chose to stay alone inside a comfy beach house all day. “I just really hate sand,” he explained. “It’s rough, coarse, and irritating, and it gets everywhere.” It’s a shame Anakin wasn’t outside to see Padme swooning at such a romantically flirtatious line from her husband! But we think the real reason Anakin avoids the hot sun is probably because he’s been burned before.

It may be just as well that Anakin stayed inside, though. We think he might not approve if he saw that bikini his daughter was wearing! Looks like Leia is turning into quite the little Rebel against her father!

Princess Leia's gold bikini | Considerable
Photo: Rolling Stone

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