“The Bad Batch” Sanctioned for False Advertising, Actually Wholesome

Image: LucasFilm

WASHINGTON, DC – Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Lina Khan announced this week that the FTC will be pursuing sanctions against Lucasfilm for violating Truth in Advertising laws regarding the Disney+ show The Bad Batch.

“Disney and its subsidiary Lucasfilm have perpetrated a fraud against its customers and the general public through deceptively advertising Clone Force 99 as a ‘bad batch’ of clone troopers,” Chairwoman Khan said in a prepared statement. “When in fact, Hunter, Echo, Wrecker, and Tech are some of the most wholesome characters in the entire canon, excepting perhaps Grogu. They are proving to be fine parent-figures to Omega, another wholesome character in her own right.”

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animated Characters (PETAC) applauded the move. “The only ‘bad’ part of Clone Force 99 is Crosshair, and we fully anticipate a heartwarming redemption story later this season.”

Cloning expert Cy Fodias also applauded the move. “I strongly believe we should give clones our absolute, blind trust. It never turns into a Grievous mistake.”

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