Lightning – Loki’s Kryptonite

Image: Disney

Last week’s episode of Loki teased the existence of an army of Lokis of all shapes and sizes banished to the endpoint of all timelines by the agents of the Time Variance Authority. While it seems like an Infinite Lokis War would be the perfect sequel to the recent Infinity War storyline, the Lokis all have a too-obvious weakness as evidenced to his many downfall at the hands of Thor and Lightning McQueen: lightning.

“Loki has never been able to resist well-intentioned, faux-family-member lightning-wielders,” commented noted Loki expert Perry Dox. “He went against his adoptive brother Thor in multiple movies only for his sentimental nature to hammer him in the end.”

“Loki’s interactions with Lightning McQueen in the recent show have further cemented his weakness toward a lightning-wielder,” Dox continued. “Loki spent two episodes with McQueen and later makes a friend, falls in love, apologizes to Lady Sif, and actually acts somewhat heroically!”

While the outcome of the brewing Loki-on-TVA war remains to be seen, it seems certain that the sparks flying between Loki and Lady Sylvie are signs our favorite god of mischief is going weak in the knees for someone.

Marvel Studios

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