Why “The Last Man”? Comics Explained

Photo: FX on Hulu

Dear Marvelous Movies,
I heard there was a show coming out called Y: The Last Man, based on an obscure comic or something. But when I looked at the cast list, I’m seeing a bunch of chicks, and only like one or two men in the whole show! Now, I respect women and all that crap, but what’s with every single show trying to cram feminism down our throat these days?!? Can you tell me what the deal is with this show?
Vaughn K. Brianson of Cleveland, OH

MM: Okay, Vaughn. There’s a lot to unpack here. First of all, don’t call broads “chicks!” It’s demeaning.

VKB: Oops, sorry.
MM: Secondly, you might have noticed that the title of the show actually does contain the phrase “The Last Man!” The comic and show are about an apocalypse in which nearly every man in the world dies off–everyone with a Y chromosome–and just the women are left!

VKB: Yeah! That’s exactly the kind of feminist garbage I’m talking about! What gives?
MM: Third, did you realize that the main character is actually a straight, white male? And he’s basically living every man’s dream–being the only eligible man left in a world full of women?

VKB: Well, okay. I guess. So then, does he…well, you know…?
MM: Go on adventures to try to find the cause of the mass deaths? Yes.

VKB: No, I mean–
MM: Have a kickass lady bodyguard along with an adorable pet monkey? Double yes!

VKB: Huh. Dude must be into some weird stuff.
MM: Well, he is an amateur stage magician and a former English major–so yeah, total weirdo!

VKB: What’s this lucky dude’s name, anyway?
MM: Yorick Brown.

VKB: Yorick? Really? What is this, Shakespeare in the park?
MM: I understood that reference! But wrong franchise. Sorry!

VKB: So is this anything like that show that came on a few years ago, The Last Man on Earth?
MM: A little, except not really, and also the comics were actually witty, well-written, and not total trash!

VKB: What about other comic-based post-apocalyptic survival shows, like The Walking Dead?
MM: Maybe, except instead of having to run away from zombies, Yorick just finds himself surrounded by hordes of women–and they’re a lot prettier!

VKB: Alas, poor Yorick!
MM: Right?!? Guy has it rough. Also, unlike The Walking Dead, I doubt this show will last long enough for the network to drive it into the ground for 10 seasons!

VKB: So who created this series in the comics, anyway? Some kind of woke SJW hippie chick?
MM: Nope! Actually, the whole series was written by an all-American white guy! Can you believe that they’re allowed to write about girls too?!?

VKB: Seriously?!? Well, he sounds like the kind of dude who’d write a superhero team series for Marvel with an ensemble cast of six or so main characters, but have four girls and only two guys!
MM: That’s…oddly specific, but okay!

VKB: I bet he’d even kill off one of those two dudes too, making the ratio even more unbalanced!
MM: Well, that may be one of your Wilder ideas.

VKB: In fact, let me tell you exactly what I think about a guy like that–
MM: Hmm, sounds like quite a Saga, but it’s time for us to Runaway!

Y: The Last Man premieres September 13th on FX on Hulu.

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