AMC Announces “Realistic” Walking Dead Reboot Inspired by COVID-19

Photo: AMC

ATLANTA, GA–Amid production delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, AMC has announced a total reboot of its hit TV series The Walking Dead. “Now that we’ve lived through a pandemic, the show seems a bit too unrealistic, and we have some great new ideas moving forward,” said showrunner Angela Kang. The rebooted Walking Dead series is expected to largely follow the original storyline but with the following changes:

  • Rick’s group of survivors meets primarily over Zoom from their homes. Rather than doing supply runs, they order food, ammo, and medicine from Amazon Prime, which still promises two-day shipping even during a zombie apocalypse.
  • Major characters refuse to stay in their homes or observe other safety measures. Lori says, “There are hardly any confirmed walkers in our area. I’m sure it’s fine.”
  • Upon the realization that everyone is infected with the zombie virus, Andrea protests, “Well, I don’t feel sick. Everyone here looks healthy. How do we know this is even real?”
  • When the group visits the CDC in season one, Shane points out that some experts have dissenting opinions on the seriousness of the zombie threat and leaves the group to “go do his own research.” Carl mentions that he heard similar things from a kid in his class who “sees through the media.”
  • When encountering a large horde of walkers, Merle insists that they’re just a hoax perpetrated by the liberal media in an attempt to discredit President Trump. Then he gets his hand bitten off.
  • When Hershel gets bitten by a walker and the infection begins to set in, he resists being put in isolation by the rest of the group. He insists, “You can’t make me. I still have rights! I’m not gonna live in fear!”
  • When people start turning into walkers and killing each other, Negan asks, “Yeah, but what is this gonna do to the economy?”
  • Father Gabriel continues to hold church services during the apocalypse, packing hundreds of people into his small church building for singing and in-person contact.
  • Ezekiel is just a guy who binge-watches Tiger King.
  • In this timeline, research will reveal that the zombie virus is actually caused by having sex with demons.
  • Everyone in Rick’s group will eventually be forced to wear a mask. The group will inadvertently become the Whisperers before the Whisperers even do.

“The best thing about rebooting the show from the beginning is that we now know it can run for at least another ten years,” Kang added. “We’re hoping that viewers will continue to enjoy escaping from the stresses of real life into this fictional dystopian world.”

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