Fans Fear Nynaeve May be Portrayed as Soft Wetlander

Fans Fear Nynaeve May be Portrayed as Soft Wetlander

Image: Amazon Prime

THE INTERNET – An eagle-eyed fan going by the handle Rogosh4Evr recently revealed in an online rant, after reviewing the Wheel of Time trailer literally dozens of time, that Nynaeve is never once shown tugging her braid.  

With this revelation, the entire fandom has been thrown into turmoil. “Nynaeve tugged on her braid in an absolute rage literally every other page,” user AesSedai69 posted in alarm. “If she has one line of dialogue and over twelve seconds of screen time in the trailer and she STILL doesn’t tug on her braid, it must mean Rafe Judkins is drastically altering the character.”

“Of course, she’s a soft wetlander,” IronSpearMaiden commented scornfully.  “Why is everyone so upset? It’s not like Rand al’Thor has a lack of angry women surrounding him to make sure he knows the right thing to do and to prevent him from acting like a foolish man. Relax, it’s all covered.”

When reached for comments, showrunner Rafe Judkins responded, “I am the Creator of this show. I cannot interfere with the characters.”  Brandon Sanderson said, “I literally don’t get to make any decisions, so please stop yelling at me.” Spokespersons for Amazon Prime promptly promised to recast the character for season two.  

The Wheel of Time is expected to premiere on November 19. It will not be the beginning of the show, for there are neither beginnings nor endings to the Wheel of Time.  But it will be beginning.

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