Spider-Man: Into the Snyderverse–the Crossover We’ve All Been Waiting For

Photos: Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Entertainment; Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation

BURBANK, CA–Marvel and DC have announced their first long-awaited onscreen collaboration project, and it’s the crossover we didn’t know we needed! Spider-Man: Into the Snyderverse is scheduled to release exclusively on streaming in 2022.

The film will be a 4-hour director’s cut of 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in which Zack Snyder’s creative vision for the characters can be fully realized at last. True to form, this expanded edition will release 4 years after the original, just in time for fans to have given up hope of ever seeing it.

“The first two hours will just be expanded exposition and backstory,” Snyder explained in an interview. “We’ve got to make sure each different Spider-person is fully established as a character. The rest will be action scenes that were in the original cut, but just re-shot in slow motion.”

“Oh, and spoilers: we’ll use time travel to solve the whole battle and save the day at the end. Time travel, man! I mean, has that ever been done before in Marvel or DC?

Snyder has also recast some crucial roles for his take on the multiversal adventure. Ray Fisher will star as Miles Morales, and Ben Affleck will appear as an older Peter Parker past his prime. Additionally, Gal Gadot has been cast as Spider-Gwen, with Jason Momoa appearing as Spider-Man Noir and Ezra Miller as Spider-Ham.

“Hey, it’s still better than Whedon,” Fisher said in an interview.

Look for Spider-Man: Into the Snyderverse in 2022.

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