Marvel Confirms “Black Widow” and “Hawkeye” Crossover Entirely Accidental

BURBANK, CA – Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios confirmed today that Yelena Belova’s presence on last week’s episode of Hawkeye was the result of a misunderstanding and not the result of writers attempting to ratchet up unnecessary conflict between characters who should be allied with one another. “I heard Spider-Gwen was in the area,” Yelena Belova admitted. “As the new Black Widow, rumors of the presence of another female spider triggered my territorial instincts. I blindly attacked a man who should have been like family to me. It’s very out of character for me and I regret it, but do not apologize.”

“I certainly didn’t see Spider-Gwen,” innocent passerby Kate Bishop said before asking, “Hey, have you seen a kind of cute, dorky Spider-Man around here?

Belova’s non-apology drew sharp criticism in the media, but the Daily Bugle criticized her for expressing regret, noting Belova would have been rendering an important service if she had indeed attacked Spider-Gwen.

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