Another Former Time Lord Tragically Turns Supervillain

Photos: Marvel Studios (left); Columbia Pictures and Marvel Entertainment (second from right); Warner Bros. (right)

NEW YORK–In what seems to be a string of disconnected occurrences, yet another once-heroic Time Lord has tragically turned to a life of crime and supervillainy. Matt Smith, also known as the Eleventh Doctor, was recently found injecting himself with an untested serum which turned him into a villain called Hunger.

Smith isn’t the first beloved star to experiment with drugs. But even more tragic is that he took a role in the Morbius film in the first place. No doubt his appearance in such a terrible film is what drove him to drugs, vampirism, and killing. “This could have all been prevented, if it weren’t for Sony and Jared Leto,” laments Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

Smith isn’t even the first Time Lord to have followed this dark path. After his stint as a Time Lord, Christopher Eccelston became supervillain Malekith the Accursed in 2013. Similarly, David Tennant became Kilgrave the Purple Man in 2015. And Peter Capaldi became The Thinker in 2021. But it seems he didn’t think through the consequences of willingly appearing in a DCEU film!

Even Smith’s onetime companion, Karen Gillan, turned into the supervillain Nebula in 2014. It’s possible that Smith was negatively influenced by peer pressure from Gillan to follow a villainous path against his better judgment. Gillan’s former husband Arthur Darvill was also once a close companion of Smith’s before he went on to found the Time Bureau. However, Darvill was unavailable for comment, most likely lost (or canceled) somewhere in the timestream.

At this point, Smith’s supervillainy seems to be a crutch. It’s left his career without a leg to stand on, and it may never regenerate. Given the pattern that seems to be recurring, we at Marvelous Movies urge current Time Lord Jodie Whittaker–and newly elected Time Lord Ncuti Gatwa–to avoid the path of supervillainy at all costs, and especially to avoid turning supervillain in a Sony or Warner Bros. film.

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