Black Bolt Speaks Up on Everything Good about the Inhumans Show

Photo: Marvel Studios

ATTILAN–After his recent cameo in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, Inhuman king Blackagar Boltagon is enjoying a newfound surge in popularity. Black Bolt first joined the MCU in 2017 as a star on the Inhumans series, but the show was poorly received and has been largely forgotten by fans. Is it possible we’ve overlooked a long-hidden gem?

We at Marvelous Movies had a chance to interview Black Bolt about his favorite parts of the show! Here’s the official transcript of our conversation.

MM: So, I know that a lot of Marvel fans haven’t watched Inhumans–and those who have largely didn’t like it. Can you tell us why fans should give it another chance?
BB: *strokes chin in thought, then shrugs wordlessly*

MM: Can’t think of an answer? That’s okay. Tell us what the show did right in terms of writing, character development, plot, and pacing.
BB: *gives a sad, apologetic smile*

MM: Really? You can’t tell us even one positive thing about the show?
BB: *shakes head*

MM: What about your favorite part of being in it? Surely you must have enjoyed the experience and made some good memories with your team.
BB: *utter silence*

MM: Fine. Just tell us your favorite line of dialogue that your character got to speak.
BB: *stares at interviewer and furrows brow in frustration*

MM: Cat got your tongue? It almost seems like somebody took your mouth away!
BB: *glares*

MM: Then let’s try a different approach. It sounds like there were initially high expectations for Inhumans, but a lot of fans ended up disappointed by it. Can you tell us what exactly went wrong?
BB: Okay, well, first of all–
*ground rumbles, recording equipment shatters, debris falls from ceiling*

This concludes our Marvelous Movies interview with Black Bolt. And while he’s certainly a man of few words, we’re still confident that he told us everything good about the Inhumans show!

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