Fan Letter: Is the DCEU Doomed?

Image: DC Comics

Dear Marvelous Movies,
I hear things have been going very badly for DCEU actors lately. What does this mean for the future of the DCEU? Is it doomed?
Vic Von

MM: Hi Vic! You have certainly heard correctly. Several DCEU actors are experiencing their Darkest Nights in recent months. Things have Ben very Grimm. Ezra Miller, who portrays Barry Allen/The Flash in particular….wait, how old are you?

VV: Would you believe eighteen?

MM: What are you, Maxwell Smart? You sound like you’re twelve. You’re twelve, aren’t you?

VV: Um…No.

MM: Yeah, sure. Well, let’s just say Ezra took his role as the Flash a little too…literally.

VV: Oof. No one wants to see that.

MM: Yep. Literally no one. Hence the trouble he’s in. But he’s not the only one. Have you Heard about Amber?

VV: Amber who?

MM: Never mind. Let’s just say June 1, 2022 is the day Queen Mera will long remember as the day she almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow.

VV: Terrible look for the Queen of Atlantis.

MM: Yes, lots of bad looks from the Queen of Atlantis.

VV: So, is the DCEU doomed?

MM: Maybe. Michael Keaton is back, so you could say the Vultures are circling the franchise.

VV: I need answers, not jokes!

MM: Don’t underestimate the power of a good Joker to breathe life into a DC storyline with a Killing Joke!

For more unhelpful answers to your most pressing superhero questions, please do hesitate to write in to Marvelous Movies!

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