Woke Feminist “Legend of Zelda” Adaptation Introduces Female Version of Zelda

Image: @danlev on Twitter

LOS GATOS–First-look posters are circling the internet of Netflix’s upcoming Legend of Zelda series, based on the popular video game franchise. However, it’s become clear that the adaptation will be yet another example of woke feminist politics taking over our media! The series has reimagined Zelda as a female, whereas the game’s protagonist has been traditionally male up to this point.

Zelda as he is traditionally portrayed
in the Legend of Zelda games
Image: Nintendo

The character of Zelda dates back to his debut in the 1986 game The Legend of Zelda. Since that time, Zelda has most often been portrayed as an elf-like boy (a member of the fictional Hylian race) with blond hair, green clothing, and a sword and shield. While the graphics have evolved over time as video game technology has advanced, the character’s signature look has by-and-large remained the same.

However, new franchise media, including Netflix’s “adaptation,” appears to portray Zelda instead as a female character–the long-haired, pink-clad princess of Hyrule. Sources at Nintendo reveal that the upcoming game The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will also portray Zelda as a female.

Fan reaction to the new development has been largely negative. “This is outrageous!” commented longtime Nintendo fan Lincoln Fitzgerald. “Why does every title character have to be female these days?”

“Making Zelda a girl is too far,” agreed Jonathan Linkletter. “What’s next–a female Samus in Metroid?”

More information on this story as it unfolds can be found at this Link.

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